Foam Roof Insulation

Polyurethane Foam Roofing Systems For Business And Residential Buildings

Whether you're a business owner or a home owner you need to look to ways to save money on energy. With rising energy costs affecting both businesses and home owners, if you're thinking about increasing the insulation on your building or home, or if you're thinking about a new roof, perhaps you should consider a foam roof insulation.We heard about foam roof insulation from a business owner, my brother-in-law. He owns a very successful car dealership in our area. When he needed to have a new roofing system put on his business he researched the industrial insulation market. He talked to several polyurethane foam roofing specialists. The first thing he was interested in was a product that was going to have a long life. He needed something that was going to be energy efficient.

Foam roof insulation systems are also called coated foam roof systems or SPF roofing system (sprayed in place polyurethane foam). These polyurethane foam roofing insulation systems have an R-value of between 6.8 and 7.14, which is very high. They are lightweight when compared to convention roofing systems, weighing about 1/10th of a conventional roof. These foam roofs can be sprayed over almost any type of material, concrete, metal or built-up roofs.

Foam roof insulation systems are self-flashing and seamless which means there is no way for water to enter through the roof. When sprayed the polyurethane foam seals the surface completely and totally. This polyurethane foam insulation is durable and adheres to most substrates. It's virtually maintenance free. All it will need is an occasional re-application of the protective coating.

Foam roof insulation and the protective "cool coatings" that are sprayed on top of the polyurethane foam meet Energy Star guidelines. The acrylic coatings that are use can reduce energy costs by 50% and also maintain 70% of their reflectance a full three years after installation. All this adds up to incredible savings on energy costs.

Another thing to consider is that foam roof insulation is a proven technology. It's been used in commercial applications for over thirty years. Many business owners know the many advantages of foam roof insulation over other types of roofing.

So can this SPF roofing system work on a home? Yes! Especially if you have a flat roof on your home. You too can enjoy the proven money saving advantages of foam roof insulation on your home.